RVer Jimmy Smith's trial by water
In his latest posting on 'Another View,' RVer Jimmy Smith writes about a dream he had of "water, a cascade of water."Then he writes: "I flew out of the bed to behold a free flowing watercourse cascading out of our toilet. I gasped and instinctively stepped on the flus
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Our next destination: Joshua Tree National Park
In 2011, Joshua Tree National Park, in southern California, commemorated '75 years of inspiration.' President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the park into existence with a presidential proclamation in 1936. Next week, we're heading toward Black Rock campground in
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Holiday traditions never go out of style in the RV cruising community
RV Snowbirds throughout the southern California desert communities decked their dashboards and trimmed the hitches of the motorhomes during this holiday season, states an article written by Rebecca Walsh in The Desert Sun, posted on Christmas morning."The RV community
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Peace on Earth -- reflections during Holidays
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, a joyful Kwanzaa and Peace on Earth. "How does one report a heart that rests in a contented home, warm and full of everything required or wanted," writes Jimmy Smith. "And a heart that aches with the knowledge of the senseless violenc
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Happy Holidays from our home-on-wheels
This Holiday Season we are celebrating at the SKP Park of the Sierras just south of Yosemite National Park. We were thrilled to see Santa at the annual the 'Trim the Tree' holiday dinner. (Pictured at left are Jimmy Smith, Santa (Gus Gurule) and Julianne G. Cran
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Professional photographer Fran Reisner--author, fulltime solo RVer
If you, or a friend, love dogs consider picking up 'The Dogs of Central Park' by solo RVer and professional photographer Fran Reisner. It is a delightful book of featuring many of the playful creatures who come out to romp each day in the heart of Manhattan. Born in
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Ken and Jean Bixler veteran full-time RVers still enjoy working as campground hosts
Jean and Ken Bixler met a little more than four decades ago riding motorcycles in Bakersfield, Calif. "That was half my lifetime ago," recalled Jean with a huge smile. "Both of us belonged to the Harley-Davidson Club. We fell in love and got married." Their blende
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Amazing Weird RVs
Yes, it's real, according to Chuck Woodbury, publisher of RVTravel.com, out this weekend.Yes, this is an honest-to-goodness two-story motorhome. "Put a key in the ignition, turn it, and drive this double-decker down the highway. But be sure to watch out for low overpass
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Think small, foldable, fun for RV holiday gifts
Start with practical, lightweight and collapsible when considering holiday gifts for those who spend part of their life on wheels. Space and weight are at a premium. An ideal present for any RVer is a gift card in any amount to national chain stores and restaurants s
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Cape Cod couple, Candi and Ted Franklin, love RVing the West boondocking
Extended time RVers Candi and Ted Franklin spend 6-8 months a year RVing the back roads of America. The Cape Cod, Mass., couple retired in 2001--Ted was a retired nuclear pipe welder and Candi a social worker. They seek out primitive campgrounds on public land