Think small, foldable, fun for RV holiday gifts


JaimieHallBruzenak_StarbucksStart with practical, lightweight and collapsible when considering holiday gifts for those who spend part of their life on wheels. Space and weight are at a premium.

An ideal present for any RVer is a gift card in any amount to national chain stores and restaurants such as Chili’s, Olive Garden, Flying J Travel Centers, Home Depot and Michaels.

Longtime RVer and author Jaimie Hall Bruzenak (pictured at left holding her Starbucks latte and gift card) also suggests DVDs and “items that get used up like gourmet coffee and cookies.”

For any camper, not just an RVer, consider a lightweight LED headlamp. There are a number of choices with some illuminating up to 30 feet with 80,000 candlepower. These are extremely helpful around the campsite after dark or when an RVer needs both hands free to work on a project ($7-$30).

Other ideas include folding chairs, tables, TV trays and step stools. Look for collapsible containers of all types including those for trash/laundry ($7-$20) and fresh water ($5 and up).

Because RVers spend many evenings outdoors, one clever item to add to their enjoyment is a “Campfire In A Can.”

There are several brands of these portable, compact devices that produce safe campfires. Different units are designed to use a variety of fuel including propane, wood, charcoal and manufactured logs. Prices, sizes and weights vary. Expect to spend between $100-$300. Available at many RV stores including Camping World.

Photos:; Jaimie Hall Bruzenak enjoying her latte. (George Bruzenak).

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