Austrian Olympic team's support staff live in recreation vehicles during winter games
WDSU-TV of New Orleans reported that the Austrian Olympic team has erected a  "pop-up RV village for support staff." There are 30 travel trailers housing four people each in this makeshift winter campground that sits in a parking lot about two-miles from the big do
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Bucket List RV trip: 'Scotland by campervan'
This is one of my personal "Bucket List RV trips." I chose to begin my RV "Bucket List" with Scotland because the MacDonald side of my family tree emigrated from Scotland to Nova Scotia, Canada, in the last half of the 19th century, and then to the United States in t
Seven points to keep in mind when renting an RV
Renting a recreation vehicle can be complex process, so here are seven points to keep in mind before signing up. 1. Fine print. Read the entire contract to be clear about mileage rates and costs of each amenity including housekeeping kits and linens. 2. Fees. Ask ab
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RV rentals are popular options for family vacations
Many families are renting recreation vehicles (RVs) for the fun, freedom and flexibility of taking trips to special events or dream destinations without having to plan their itinerary around staying in motels or in relatives’ spare rooms. RV rentals are popular
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International visitors flock to RV rentals
A large segment of USA recreation vehicle renters are from other countries. More than 50-percent of El Monte RV’s business are foreign travelers, according to Joe Laing, the nationwide company’s director of marketing. Visitors from overseas, Canada and Mexico
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Rent an RV ... before buying
RV rentals are popular with people who are thinking about buying a recreation vehicle, but first want to experience the lifestyle before rushing out and spending thousands of dollars. Alison and Dave Perea of Girdwood, Alaska, like the benefits of RV travel but are
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Thanksgiving RV trip to Florida 'Ali family style'
Each Thanksgiving holiday, thousands of families  select to travel by recreation vehicle, including the Ali family from New York City. In her article posted on Pathos: Hosting the Conversation on Faith, writer Dilshad Ali talks about the challenges of taking a famil
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RV rentals up, as economy slides
An online article by Katie Arcieri in the Business Section of  Hometown reports an up turn in motorhome rentals at Happy Travelers RV Rentals in Annapolis, Maryland."A lot of folks are choosing to rent instead of purchase," said Happy Travelers' owner
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