2015 ‘Milepost’ – Alaska Travel Planner’s 67th edition

Milepost2015With the lower fuel prices, if this is THE year for your lifetime adventure RV trip to Alaska, chances are you already know about The 2015 Milepost,” the ‘Bible of North Country Travel.’

This almost 800-page guidebook has been mandatory reading for everyone headed to Alaska, the Yukon Territory, British Columbia, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

Since 1949, experienced RV travelers say: “Don’t leave the Lower 48 without it.” It lists eateries, fuel stations, lodging, camping, fishing, road conditions, bridges and ferries.

The 67th edition of The Milepost was updated in March 2015 and retails for $34.95.

If you want to see some moving pictures — don’t forget John Holod’s videos on Alaska, including “Alaska: RV Adventure of a Lifetime.” Click here for more information.

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