Wickenburg, Ariz. — Gold Rush Days, outdoor art walk reflect Old West charm


Wickenburg_Miner_JulianneGCraneWith so many Snowbirds routing themselves through the southwest, one popular town many discover is Wickenburg, Ariz.

We’ve visited this Old West community twice and both times stopped to meander through the historic downtown and enjoy the life-size bronze sculptures that are threaded through the district.

The sculptures are a series of six old western characters and 16 linking animal pieces by renowned realistic artist J. Seward Johnson.

One of the pieces is the ‘Miner Leading His Donkey‘ (left) depicting the early Gold Rush Days of the late 1800’s.  Henry Wickenburg discovered the Vulture Mine in 1863.

Read more by clicking on: Wickenburg’s Gold Rush history, Western Sculpture Walk = fun Snowbird RV Short Stop.

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Photo: Julianne G Crane and the Wickenburg Miner (Jimmy Smith)

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