USA Today features how Chinese are falling for RVing


ChineseRVers(CalumMacLeodUSAToday)While there are estimated to be only about 5,000 RV owners in China, a nation with more than 1.3 billion people–“change is coming fast,” according to an article by Calum MacLeod in Friday’s USA Today.

“Americans still can’t grasp the fast pace of development in China, says Wang Jidong, the RV associations’ secretary general, as local governments and businesses build hundreds of RV camps nationwide,” states the article.

“‘When I talk to U.S. RV suppliers, they ask if I want to buy three or four vehicles,’ says Lu of imported RVs costing over $70,000 each.

“His reply? ‘I want to buy 1,000,’ to fill the 100 camps his company will build within two years.”

Read the full article by clicking on: “Road trip: Chinese rev up the RVs.”

Photo: Chinese RVers (Calum MacLeod USA Today)

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