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Today’s delivery of RV newsletter is once again chockfull of interesting tidbits about the RVing lifestyle.

One item talks about the habits and behaviors of RVers. For example: “Did you know that 25 percent of RVers have ordered a pizza delivered to their campsite, or that seven percent of RVers would not loan their RV to a close friend, or that 63 percent of RVers’ first choice of a morning beverage is coffee?” Read more.

Another posting by Russ & Tiña DeMaris of Full Time, relates how it is important to keep track of the details when paying bills electronically.

“For fulltimers and other RVers who spend a lot of time on the road, electronic bill paying may be neatest thing since sliced bread. Simply sit down at your computer, press a few buttons, and voila! Your bills are paid, no stamps, no post office, and no worrying about whether your bills will catch up with you, after all, you got them over the Internet. But hold on. All this convenience can come with its own set of danger — if you don’t stay on top of the details.”

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