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Vintage-THOM-friom-D.-Wills-1A friend of Jimmy’s (Scott McClure of Oregon) stumbled onto The Shelter Blog and sent along this image of a vintage home on wheels from one of the blog’s posts.

Author and editor-in-chielf of Shelter Publications  Lloyd Kahn oversees “The Shelter Blog” where: “Shelter is more than a roof overhead. Our book ‘Shelter’ (300,000 copies sold) became the focal point for owner-builders (and much of the counter­culture) in the ’70s. Now, in the 21st century, we are reactivating this dialog online for people interested in shelter, carpentry, gardening, and the home arts. We hope you will join this new network.”

NomadicHomeBlogOther small housing blogs include Nomadic Home and Tiny House Blog.

On the Nomadic Home site, editor Stuart talks about the art of traveling with your own accommodation. “Gypsies have done it for hundreds of years, in one form or another. More recently hippies have been doing it with house trucks and buses. Retirees in America are doing it in RVs. For myself, I grew up living on yachts. Even traveling with tents works if you really know what you are doing.”

“It is on these themes of traveling with your own accommodation that I intend to explore on this site and I invite comments on different related topics to write about. Areas which I see as valuable to write about at present are types of mobile accommodation, how to finance it, different ways of earning an income while living in mobile accommodation, and the differing variety of lifestyles possible while traveling. Also what are the practicalities and difficulties with this approach and what do people do to solve them,” writes Stuart.

Julianne G. Crane

Image Sources: Top: The Shelter Blog. Bottom: Nomadic Home

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