Talk about living and working on the road …


Three articles give a glimpse into the lives of carnival and circus people and how they live and work on the road.

Gerald Gauthier writes in the Lethbridge (Alberta, Canada) Herald about carnival life.

“For Mark and Amy Cockersham, leaving home for work means packing their three children into their motorhome every summer and hitting the road.

“They are a carnival family and they wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Read more in “Carnival life is all about family.”

In another article —

Amneris Solano wrote in the Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer about the people under the Big Top.

One of the questions she asked: “Is there something that would surprise people about the life of a circus performer?”

Performer Justin Case said: “I’m not sure. We’re very similar to everybody else. It’s a great opportunity to see the world. That, perhaps, is not surprising, but it’s certainly very gratifying. We move every week, so we live in our RVs, which is funny. We’re full time RV-livers, and you get used to a small space. It’s kind of like living in a hotel room on wheels, and it’s also very comfortable. You have your own cooking facilities and everything you need so you can maintain your diet and maintain a good quality of life.”

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In a posting on Full Time —

“Tim and Renee McRae didn’t dream about running away to join the circus when they were kids. They just sort of fell into it. Today, and their two teenage sons live in Class A motorhome and travel most of the year, making the circus a family business.”

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