Stopping by to see a friend near Julian, Calif.

Marcel Robicheaux, (L) and Jimmy Smith in downtown Julian, Calif. (Julianne G. Crane)

One great convenience of a truck and camper is that it adapts easily to tight, unconventional parking spaces.

For a couple of nights the Lance has been tucked into a small stand of oaks between Marcel Robicheaux’s straw-bale cottage and a storage shed.

Marcel is on staff at Camp Stevens, an Episcopal Camp, Retreat and Conference Center, two miles east of the historic gold town of Julian in the mountains of San Diego County.

Jimmy Smith and Marcel, 31, first met more than seven years ago when Jimmy owned and operated a small retreat center about 25 miles outside Spokane, Wash.

“As a young man,” says Marcel, “it was, and continues to be, really important to have Jimmy in my life as a positive male role model.

“He has always impressed upon me the importance of doing what I love to do until I die.”

Photo Marcel Robicheaux, originally of Renton, Wash., and Jimmy Smith in downtown Julian, Calif. (Julianne Crane)

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