Salem, Ore., RV Show Oct. 9-12


Roy Gault writes in the Salem, Ore., Statesman Journal about the Salem, Ore., RV Show starting Thursday, for a three-day run.

Sam Scott, public relations director for the 31st annual event, said that the organizers of the show, Welstland Promotions, are bringing in an RV-12 Sport Plane to help draw attention to the show during a year in which the economy has slowed sales of all kinds of products.

The RV-12 Sport Plane is built from a kit that is manufactured by Van’s Aircraft in Aurora, Ore. The ‘RV’  stands for Richard VanGrunsven, who heads the company and commutes to work from his home airstrip every day. According to the Van’s Aircraft Web site: “Nobody has ever accused him of being original when it comes to naming airplanes”.

“It actually can be towed behind an RV when the wings are collapsed, and we were thinking of promoting it as the ultimate tow-behind vehicle, getting that RV spinoff. But honestly, that would be a stretch,” said Scott.

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Photo: RV-12 Sport Plane. Courtesy Van’s Aircraft.

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