RV Clubs, Part 5: National African American RVers Association = friendship, family fun camping


Two decades ago, the National African American RVers Association was formed to promote camping in recreation vehicles to African American families as a way of life and means to have fun.

“NAARVA has evolved from an idea conceived by a small group of acquaintances in 52 rigs at Winton Woods Campground, outside Cincinnati, Ohio, in the summer of 1993, to a national organization with a membership in excess of 1400 active RVers,” states the Web site.

“NAARVA is a family oriented, nonprofit organization which meets annually. As a result, friendships that may have originated at a rally are kept alive, and new ones are developed among adult members and youth. The freedom of adventure, characterizes all the members.”

Currently there are more than 50 local clubs. The 2013 annual rally, July 14-21, is being held at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, Mo.

Contact NAARVA (www.naarva.com), 614 Chipley Ave., Charlotte, NC 28205; (704) 333-3070. Membership: $50.

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