Motor-homeless causing a stir on Seattle’s streets


Angelo Brusas of Seattle passed along an item aired on KING-TV “about the rise in homeless motorhome campers, RVs and the like littering some neighborhood streets and the controversy they are causing.”

“It’s another sign of the times, like the tent city that keeps getting moved from one location to the next, while the growing numbers of homeless, unemployed and unemployable rise every day,” writes Brusas.

KING’s Eric Wilkinson reported that “by law, motorhomes and campers are allowed to park for up to 72 hours on certain city streets, but many stay longer.”

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  • They city puts up all these parks that no one uses. They cost money to maintain. why not turn
    some of them into RV parks for homeless campers?
    The parks are already there.
    The city, of course will scream ‘Where will we get the money”?
    Get it by stopping the hiring of excess persons to keep adding to your payrolls.
    Currently most cities have three employees for
    every legitimate job. If you doubt that, just take a good look at the next road crew you see. There will one guy on the shovel and five standing around watching. Add the three retirees to that payroll, and the cities, counties, and state govs are all paying six checks a month for each legitimate job.
    Google your cities payroll stats and be amazed at how much these employees are being paid. Police lieutenants and fire dept lieutenants are being paid 100 grand a year with overtime.
    Every other person in this country is employed by city, county, state, or federal government or is employed by a company that supplies goods or services to some gov agency.
    that means that each working man and woman in this country is carrying one of these parasites around on our back. Mine is a big fat [one] and I’m getting sick of it.

  • Hello again;

    I have another update and tip, I have shopped around and found that many RV parks do offer Monthly rates and even cheaper monthly rates for long term like 6 months.

    I am now getting my SSDI checks and decided to make full use of my Motor Homes potential and I chose an RV park that is costing me $375.00 a month plus electric. That is a good deal working out to just over the ten dollars a day that I had proposed for the meter system and of course electric is not included but the estimate that to be around thirty five a month.

    I no longer need to black out at sunset, worry about code enforcement and neighbors having complaints. Best of all, here in an RV park I am surrounded by other survivers that understand the enjoyment of living in the RVs.

    This park has 2 pool and one heck of a bath house with plenty of hot water, so even though I have my own weee little shower, I can use theirs as much as I want and I don’t run out of or have to pay to heat the water.

    It is nice to have the laundry facilities and other things for convienience so I am thankful that I am able to afford this space to park my mini home for long term without fear of being told to move on ar losing my home if some crazy cop with a bug up his butt decides to adjust my atitude.

    A bit better now is that I have rent receipts and electric receipts that I can show the food stamp people and it increased my food stamps.

    Life is good.

    Keet Hensley

  • Update, 5/16/2010 I am still doing real well as motorhomeless and with no complaints to send me moving down the road, but rather the neighborhood has accepted me as one of the neighbors.
    I have been approved for SSI disability and my monthly checks equivelent to what I would have received if I retired at 65.
    I have decided that getting a Motorcycle to travel about on my Dailly adventures is smarter than risking my home to the traffic and thieves out there.
    I already have a carrier on the back of the motor home and with a minor modification, it can carry my motorcyle for long trips.
    I have upgraded my TV with a model that is LCD, DTB and DVD not to mention it has a connection to use it as a second monitor for my computer. It is a space saver as well as power saver, using just 50 watts it runs all day and mor on my 12 volt inverter.
    Happy Motor homing,
    Keet Hensley

  • Hello Hank;
    I have been in my Motor Home for 18 months now and still doing very well. I knew I had some health issues coming over me and backed off of work, deciding to relax for my final years.

    I managed to pick up this Coachman class C for a grand and made a few minor repairs to it and it has served me very well.

    What was not in my plan was the open heart surgery that I had just before Thanksgiving of 2009 that has kept me from adding much to my yahoo group motorhomeless2009 , but I am slowly getting back to it.

    I have been able to survive pretty comfortably thanks mostly to friends rather than family. I have not wandered more than 25 miles from my old house yet due to finances and health, but soon that will be all taken care of with my official retirement due to my heart issues.

    I have managed to go this 18 months with just 1 complaint and that was put into code enforcement by a person that needed to get me away from the disabled person they were exploiting. Mostly as I speak to neighbors where I stay, they actually envy me that I am able to live their dream.

    The main thing is to always be friendly and considerate especially when walking the dog. You would be amazed at how well a friendly neighborly wave works to keep people from thinking you are an invader.

    I love sites like this one for the tips and trick that help us survive, that is why I built my own and encourage others to add more tips n tricks to it.

    I hope you are able to join us on our adventure on the roads, and that you find it as enjoyable as I have.

    PS Thanks to the Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach Florida for allowing my Girl Friend to stay in the parking lot with my dog, during my 12 days while having surgery.

    Keet Hensley

  • I’m a “wanna-be” Motor-Homeless person. I would like to spend retirement living/visiting places of beauty and interest. I hope to learn how to do this without annoying the full time residents of places I visit.

  • We need to seperate the homeless from the worthless crap who also are homeless. We need campgrounds with descent tents or trailers/motorhomes.

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