Touching bases with longtime RV friends on our autumn tour of America


Wisconsin_ThomDarHoch_JulianneGCraneSome RVers check off how many state capitols they have visited or how many national parks they have traveled through.

Jimmy and I, however, rank the success of our RVing adventures by how many good-hearted people we meet along the byways of America.

Two of those people are full-time RVers Thom and Dar Hoch (above) of Sutherlin, Oregon. We stopped by to see them on their family’s farm outside of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, where they were spending a little time.

We first met the Hochs back in 2009 when we were all staying in the Watchman Campground at Zion National Park (where another friend, Michael Fousie was a camp host). It was our first extended RV trip and they were the first “full-time RVers” we really had a chance to talk with about the lifestyle.  They were “pros” having been out for two years. Then they traveled in their 2007 39-foot Newmar Kountry Star motor coach. They still have the class A, but these days they travel in their  2014 pop-up Four Wheel Camper Hawk and F350 Ford pickup.

Cal-Marion-Soldner-JulianneGCraneIt was fun seeing the family farm, visiting with Dar’s parents Cal and Marion Soldner, (left) and having conversations with Thom’s sister, Jan Bilgri, and her husband, Dave, at their favorite hangout, the Park Avenue Sports Cafe in downtown Beaver Dam.

 To read more about our paths crossing with Thom and Dar … click here.

Photos: Top: Thom and Dar Hoch standing beside their Four Wheel Camper Hawk on the family farm near Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Bottom:  Dar’s parents Cal and Marion Soldner in their kitchen.  (Julianne G. Crane)

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