More news about decline in RV industry


Jerry Garrett writes in today’s The New York Times about how “the industry is hunkering down, trying to ride out a storm — the likes of which has not been seen in the R.V. industry for 28 years.”

“In R.V. annals, 1980 stands as the year of the perfect storm: gasoline shortages and high pump prices, double-digit interest rates and the double-nickel speed limit. In R.V. terms, 1980 sales of new R.V.’s were in deep gray water.”

“Could this year wind up challenging 1980’s record for sales futility? Probably not, but it is likely to wind up as one of the worst years for sales since then.”

Read more in  “R.V. Sales: Steep Downhill Grade Ahead

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  • we bought a New 35 foot Vacationeer fifth wheel in 1979 mostly because the dealer offered it at his invoice cost of about 10,000.00 and he even paid the freight from the factory. I felt sorry for him and gave him 500.00 more then he paid for it, so he could have at least a small profit, or cover the delivery cost.

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