Lake Griffin State Park’s huge Live Oaks


Julianne and Jimmy Florida\'s big Live Oak.

Mammoth Live Oaks, some of the oldest and largest in Florida, can be found in Lake Griffin State Park.

The Live Oak, pictured on the left, is said to be “several hundred years old.” It is one of the largest at 10-feet in diameter, 83 feet high and has a spread of 131 feet. In the days of sailing ships, the large arching limbs of these stately trees “were highly sought after for making ship’s ribs and knees.”

These sturdy, low growing trees are “better able to withstand hurricanes, winds, fires, droughts and floods than other hardwoods.” They are incredibly beautiful trees that “provide food and shelter for several animal species as well as a place of attachment for various air plants, mosses and ferns.”

Live Oak grove, Lake Griffin State Park, Florida. By Julianne Crane

Photo:s Top: Tree huggers Julianne and Jimmy try to get their arms around a mammoth Live Oak. Bottom: Live Oak grove, Lake Griffin State Park, central Florida. By Julianne Crane.

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