Golfer John Daly … ‘Wild Thing just keeps motoring’


Kevin Mitchell of the Irish Times delivered a beautifully written feature about hard-luck golfer John Daly (published during the April 2009 Augusta National).

“When he emerges blinking from his million-dollar, black-glassed motorhome a little after 10am, coffee in one hand, empty beer bottle in the other, to set up his T-shirt stall in a car park across the road from the most exclusive and beautiful golf club in America, there is a small but enthusiastic audience waiting for him,” writes Mitchell.

“The Augusta National is a holy grail he nearly captured once, finishing third in the Masters behind Bernhard Langer in 1993, but here they do not clamber for his presence now. If it bothers him to be on the outside looking in, it is not to a noticeable degree.”

“’I’m happy,’” Daly says. “’The sun is shining.’”

“Whatever way you want to crunch the Daly numbers – two Majors, four wives, $50 million (approximately) blown in bets, booze and broads, two suspensions, two ‘sabbaticals’ to sort out his life, no more chances – he lives for the moment.”

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Photo: John Daly carries paintings of Augusta National for sale at his motorhome parked just outside the famous course in Georgia in April 2009. Flogging Dalyobilia for his Team Lion children’s charity is a project which gives him a reason to hit the road and keep in touch during his PGA suspension. – (Photograph: Darron Cummings/AP)

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  • It’s difficult to imagine that this motor home would cost a million dollars. I mean people don’t usually go around putting really expensive things into motor homes and spend their entire lives motoring around the country. This is one rare find.

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