Holiday gift ideas for RVing pets, # 5: ‘ShedMonster Shedding Tool’


Buster_ShedMonster_GoPetFriendlyThis is the fifth in a series of Holiday gift suggestions for RVing pets.

Not every holiday gift has to be glamorous … however, this practical gift helps make any pet a lot more comfortable and sharper looking — the ShedMonster Shedding Tool (about $20 in pet centers everywhere.)

“RVing is supposed to be fun, so why spend countless hours chasing the fur bunnies our pets leave behind,” says Amy Burkert of

“A good brushing once a week will make a serious dent in the amount of fur left behind by your dogs and cats, and with the ShedMonster they’ll think grooming time is a special treat.”

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Julianne G. Crane

Image: Buster of gets regular grooming with ShedMonster De-shedding Tool. (Courtesy of

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