David Castillo’s ‘Alaska Cruiser’ motorcycle RV


Yesterday there was an item posted on RVWheelLife about a customized Harley motorcycle / class C motor home built by David Castillo of Coachella, Calif. Click (here for ‘Update on 5-wheeler motor home’)

In that post, Victoria Castillo, mentioned a new enclosed motorcycle-rig built by David called the “Alaskan Cruiser” … well, Victoria sent along this photograph.

“David does not have a business or website,” said Victoria in an email, “he just loves bikes, trikes, and old trucks (1950’s). … I’m sure there are many pictures of our motorcycle motor homes (or as we call them in Spanish, motocasas) in the Internet. People are always clicking away wherever we go.”

Photo: David Castillo’s ‘Alaskan Cruiser’ a customized Harley motorcycle motor home. (Courtesy of Victoria Castillo)

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