Crossing into Old Mexico with RVers from Colorado


MaryMarkFoster_Sculpture_Mexico_JulianneGCraneBeautiful weather and an invitation to lunch in Mexico were all we needed to stay an extra day in New Mexico’s Pancho Villa State Park.

Mary and Mark Foster of Wheat Ridge, Colo, parked in a site nearby, said they were hungry and on their way to The Pink Store in Palomas, Mexico, for lunch, and would we like to come along.

After a quick scurry finding passports, we all piled into their extend cab pickup and headed south the three miles to the official border crossing.

Because the Fosters have been spending part of the last decade of winters in New Mexico, we felt comfortable making our first visit to Palomas with them.

After lunch, we walked around the downtown and then back across the border, through U.S. Customs, to where the Fosters’ truck was parked in an official parking lot set up for visitors.

No hassles, no problems, no intimidation one sometimes hears of other Mexico border communities.

Julianne G Crane

Photo: Mary and Mark Foster of Wheat Ridge, Colo., in front of sculpture outside The Pink Store in Palomas, Mexico. ( Julianne G Crane)

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