Canyonlands National Park — crossing paths with visitors from The Netherlands


We’ve been playing tag with several RVs on this extended trip through Utah’s national parks. One is pop-up truck camper owned by a fulltime RV couple as their travel rig.  Avid bicyclists, we first met on the bicycle trail near Bryce National Park.  Our trails crossed again a few days later at Capitol Reef National Park.

Then there is a couple visiting from The Netherlands. We saw them in Capitol Reef Fruita Campground when we spotted their Cruise Canada rental RV. We talked briefly about the fact they entered the USA near Glacier National Park and are spending several months touring the American West.

We then crossed paths with the them in the Canyonlands National Park’s Squaw Flat Campground several hundred miles later. One of the many joys of RV camping is the opportunity to meet people from different places, even when it is only for a few minutes. Sometime those brief moments become lasting impressions.

We can never under estimate the value of a smile, a friendly wave, or a shared sense of wonder when viewing a vast, magnificent landscape.

Photo: View from Squaw Flat Campground in Canyonlands National Park. (Julianne G. Crane)

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