Bicyclist ends his 800-mile tour with a visit


One of the bicyclists we met at the Omak Stampede campground a couple of days ago, ended his two-week bicycle tour of Washington state with us, north of Spokane.

Kevin Lupton, of Hailey, Idaho, rolled onto the property we are care-taking midday on Friday after almost 800 miles pedaling a very circuitous route from Portland, Ore., to Spokane.

The high school teacher (and Scamp 5th wheel owner) says that for the past six years he’s taken off on a two-week ride each summer. “Most of the time I just head out alone,” says Kevin. “This year, however, I rendezvous with a couple of New Zealanders I met several years ago on another bike tour.”

After flying into Portland, Kevin caught up with them in Cascade Locks on the Columbia River about halfway through their trans-USA tour from San Diego. The small group then started north, around Mt. Rainier, up the Yakima Valley, through Ellensburg and Wenatchee to where we met them in Omak. After Omak, they climbed to Wauconda and Curlew before dropping into Colville.

The New Zealanders then peeled off and headed east toward Glacier National Park before they plan to veer north to Banff and Jasper, B.C.

Yesterday Jimmy helped Kevin box up his bike and this morning took him to the Greyhound station in time to catch the 6:30 a.m. bus to Boise.

Photo: Bicyclists and RVers Jimmy Smith, left, and Kevin Lupton. (Julianne Crane).

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  • I was reading your good people having fun section and noticed the story about the lady baking corn meal bread in her sun oven. Couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on that article, so I’ll leave it here. I have that same oven in my classroom and I fix brownies for my students in the spring and fall, they love it. I have cooked a lasagna dish in it before and it was delicious.

  • so I logged into your site to have a look and lo and behold there I am with Jimmy. It was cool to see it written up some where. Just as Jimmy said you write only factual information, every bit of it was factual and none of it was a stretch. Almost every newspaper article that appears in our local paper about my program here at school has some bit of it that is either half truth, a stretch, misinformation or a misunderstanding of some kind. You are good Julianne

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