America through eyes of Brits in an RV


Reading articles by international travelers to the USA is always fascinating. It provides an opportunity to see this vast, beautiful country through fresh eyes.

British writer Kathy Arnold reports in the United Kingdom’s Telegraph about her (and her husband’s) recent RV tour through America.

“Part of the fun of RV-ing is stopping in small communities bypassed by the interstate highways. Driving through the farmland around Elkhart, (Indiana), we saw motorcyclists riding helmet-free and black-suited Amish farmers in horse-drawn buggies. Next morning, we stopped for breakfast in a village. In the coffee shop, there was not a latte or cappuccino in sight; everyone knew everyone, and we were the only ones who needed a menu. While we tucked in to eggs ‘over easy,’ locals chowed down on biscuits (like scones) and gravy. In many ways, this is the real America – and the best way to find it is behind the wheel of an RV,” writes Arnold.

To read the full informative and entertaining article, click here. Photo: ‘Instead of rolling across the prairies and through the mountains in a car, we were in what Americans call an RV, a recreational vehicle.’ Source:

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