RV Dealer Survey carries mixed messages


Interesting piece by Sherman Goldenberg on RVBusiness.com about the recent survey of RV Dealers by the investment firm of Robert W. Baird Ltd.

The survey reveals … ”Dealers report a troublesome environment, with light traffic, weak demand, tight credit and uncertain supply –  but few things last forever,” the summary of the survey begins, writes Goldenberg.

“Things are bad,” the summary concluded, “but we think positive retail comps are on the horizon as consumer confidence improves.”

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  • Excellent article. Folks have got to start looking for the good news. One of the links by Baird goes to info in SBA loans available to dealerships. Folks just are not digging deep enough it seems. There are so many golden opportunities out there for all of us, but WE have to seek them out.
    Thanks for your blog. It is always timely and provides excellent and current information related to RVing and related data.

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