RVs for Autumn, part 4: Sport utility RVs haul motorized toys for active family camping trips
For those who want to haul motorcycles, dirt bikes, or ATVs to their hunting or fishing camp, there is the Sport Utility RV (SURV). “Available in both motorhomes or towable units, the rear end of a SURV drops down, forming a ramp for access into a ‘garage’ area
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A romance with 'Little Big Trailers'
Kristopher Bunker profiles ten nifty small tow-behind recreation vehicles on CampingLife.com. Sometimes, a smaller, easy-to-maneuver trailer is all that’s needed to enjoy your favorite outdoor recreation, writes Bunker. "We've selected a number of outside-the-bo
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'Small towable RVs' part 4 -- One man's search for the perfect sized RV for his active retirement
This is the fourth and final posting on the trend toward ‘Small Towable RVs' One of Bud Frankenburger's personal goals was to retire early enough to indulge his passion for hiking and exploring the backcountry of the U.S. For many years, as a college professor
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'Small towable RVs' part 3 -- Watch your weight
This is the third of four postings on the trend toward  ‘Small Towable RVs'. As a reminder, for safety, all recreation vehicle owners need to know three figures: their tow vehicle's maximum hauling/load capacity; their RV's dry weight and gross vehicle weight rati
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'Small towable RVs' part 2 -- Easy to handle
This is the second of four postings on the trend toward  ‘Small Towable RVs. 'Easy' is a term used over and over by many small towable recreation vehicle owners. As a refresher, for this series of posts, we are defining 'small trailers' as being between 16 and
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'Small towable RVs' part 1 -- Economical to pull
This is the first of four postings on the trend toward small towable RVs. Summer is in full swing with millions of Americans loading their recreation vehicles for weekend family outings. A growing number of these families are pulling smaller, lighter and more aerodyn
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