Walking down a rural lane in Texas Hill Country, Jimmy Smith is transported back to being 7 years-old
For RVer Jimmy Smith, a mid-day walk along a country road in central Texas evokes memories of a similar muggy afternoon more than five decades earlier in the rural Allegheny River country of western Pennsylvania. Click on "Jimmy Smith's Another View" for his lates
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Texas' South Llano River State Park in early autumn
South Llano River State Park sits near a crossroads in central Texas, just south of I-10 near Junction, which is the main reason why this is the fourth time Jimmy and I have stopped here in as many annual treks to this part of the country. The decision for pullin
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New Mexico Oasis State Park near Muleshoe, Texas
If you are ever trying to out distance a tropical storm blowing up from Mexico while vectoring southeast from Albuquerque toward Austin, head for Oasis State Park in eastern New Mexico just a few miles short of the Texas state line. This popular state park sits sout
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RVer, dreamer Jimmy Smith's latest post
Traveling from the Pacific Northwest, through Montana and eastern Utah, extended-time RVer and full-time dreamer Jimmy Smith reflects on the elusive 'present moment.' Click on 'Jimmy Smith, Another View' to read this and other recent posts. Photo: Somewhere in eas
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USFS Box Elder Campground north of Ogden, Utah
We left Spokane, Wash., on our annual southern migration the same day the huge rain storm was boiling up the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Instead of heading east toward the Dakotas and Wyoming,  we diverted south on I-15 from Butte, Mont., down the western side
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RV Care-A-Vanners working on 25 years building homes with Habitat for Humanity
The hugely successful Habitat for Humanity volunteer program known as RV Care-A-Vanners is approaching 25 years of building homes to help reach Habitat's goal of eliminating poverty housing. If you are looking for a worthy way to fill your time, take a moment to in
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Pop-up truck camper, Part # 5 -- 'Information, manufacturers'
Pop-up truck campers offer RVers the opportunity to travel down that road less traveled, to camp where you want to camp, and have just about everything you need with you. If you are interested in more information, here are a few places to start your research:
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Pop-up truck campers, Part # 4 -- 'Ease of exploring remote areas of America with the kids'
In addition to Baby Boomers, younger families are taking to the freedom and flexibility of access to remote locations offered by the downsized pop-up truck campers. The Strong Family, including Russ, Olga, Garrik, 8, and Kimberly, 6, of Cashmere, Wash., are part of t
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Pop-up truck campers, Part # 3 -- 'To go where the big RVs fear to tread'
Wilderness campers Ron and Donna Tuskind of Denver, Colo., were attracted to the pop-up truck camper's simplicity of design. “We’re minimalists,” said Ron Tuskind. “We prefer four wheel drive roads and exploring places where the big RVs fear to tread.” I
Pop-up truck campers, Part # 2 -- 'Solo RVers like lightweight, ease of handling'
For solo RVers, two top selling points of the pop-up truck camper include the compact size and low-profile streamlined design. The rugged 2012 8-foot Outfitter  Caribou got the attention of outdoorsman  Butch Michaelsen from Halfway, Ore. “There is less wind d
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