HGTV kicks off 'RV 2014' special on New Year's Day
In addition to the Rose Parade and lots of great football, New Year’s Day brings HGTV's  popular special featuring the latest in recreation vehicles. This year's 'RV 2014' is hosted by Chris Lambton. The yearly special showcases some of the latest bells and whi
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'Can I Write Off My RV?' by George Montgomery
It's coming up on that time again ... Tax Time. Almost all RVers who have used their RV as a volunteer or have worked a couple months for money selling Chirstmas Trees or as a Camp Host wonders ... "Can I Write Off My RV? " George Montgomery (who has more than
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Take a peek at HGTV's 'RV 2014' picture tour
Get a sneak look at the coolest, most high-tech RVs in America with HGTV's RV 2014 picture tour. Click through 25 photographs of the latest in amazing recreation vehicles ... including a 43-feet Dutchmen Voltage 5th wheel toy hauler complete with patio (above) ... t
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Happy Holidays from the road in southern Arizona
We have been roosting for a couple of days during this holiday season with RV friends Kevin and Jane Justis, and other winter Snowbirds in Rio Rico, Arizona. We find ourselves blessed this holiday with decent health and an abundance of good friends. Merry Christmas,
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Celebrate New Year's at Valley of Fire State Park
Speaking of the Valley of Fire State Park (as was mentioned in boondocking expert Bob Difley's RV holiday memory) check out the "Free First Day Hikes" on New Year’s Day 2015. Nevada's oldest and largest state park is 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas in Overton, N
RV holiday memory from solo Adrienne Kristine
Adrienne Kristine, who wrote for Women RVers.blogspot while she was solo RVing, shares a few thoughts about solo women on the road during the holidays. "I've been alone on most holidays for many years but I'm never lonely. The nice part about being solo is there'
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Gift suggestion for RVing pets, # 5 -- Loving Pets' canister, made-in-USA natural treats
Bella Treat Canister and It's Purely Natural made-in-the USA treats from  round out our 5-part series on holiday gift suggestions for RVing pets. "Even the most particular pet parents will be pleased to display this stylish stainless steel t
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Gift suggestion for RVing pets, # 4 -- 'ShedMonster De-shedding Tool'
Not every holiday gift has to be glamorous ... however, this practical gift helps make any pet a lot more comfortable and sharper looking -- the ShedMonster De-shedding Tool ($20 in pet centers everywhere.) – “RVing is supposed to be fun, so why spend countless h
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Gift suggestion for RVing pets, # 3 -- 'Loft Dog Bed Duvet'
The Loft Dog Bed Duvet ($35), available through, is perfect for any canine companion. “Here's the thing about dog beds” in an RV, says Amy Burkert of Go Pet, “they get a lot of use and start to look worn way too soon. But, they're
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Gift suggestion for RVing pets, # 2 -- Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness
“There is nothing, I repeat, nothing that wears on a dog owner more than having their pooch constantly pulling at the end of the leash,” says full-time RVer Amy Burkert of Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness ($30) by "fixes that pr
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