Workamping with or without an RV
Earning money while living the RV lifestyle is a dream of many RVers and Wanna-bes who hope to supplement their retirement or Social Security. Workamper News has long been the premium resource for folks who are serious about living fulltime on the road.Another Web site
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'Project Motovan' ... great off-road RV conversion journey
For active outdoor folks interested in an RV with a small footprint and have the time and desire to do a conversion project, check out Eric Tabb's "Project Motovan: Off-Road Van Conversion.It seems Eric's life has changed--from a single guy to a married one with a toddl
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America through eyes of Brits in an RV
Reading articles by international travelers to the USA is always fascinating. It provides an opportunity to see this vast, beautiful country through fresh eyes.British writer Kathy Arnold reports in the United Kingdom's Telegraph about her (and her husband's) recent RV
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Olympic diver Greg Louganis loves his motorhome
Four-time gold medalist Greg Louganis often travels in his "sleek 40-foot Supernova RV," according to Sandra Hewitt on "Home is in California, but the RV, it's a house on wheels," Louganis said. "We always got our four dogs with us, so we've got everyth
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Free RV Travel newsletter available online
Included in this week's edition of newsletter editor Chuck Woodbury ruminates on the elusive definition of "elderly" ... and then asks for reader input.There are timely news items including one on "Campers perish in flash flood" and an "Update on BP oil sp
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Whitewater paddling the Little Salmon River
There are only a few weeks each year when the water flows high enough on the Little Salmon River for whitewater rafting and kayaking.Because of recent rains and snow melt, this is that time for some thrilling runs.According to, "the Hazard Creek to Salmon
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'Snowing' cottonwood along the Little Salmon River
Cottonwood (Populus species) trees line the Little Salmon River and produce fluffy, tufted seeds that are easily dispersed by the wind.On Tuesday, June 8, a downriver breeze sent a snow storm of these white, feathery seeds flying.This photo was taken at the Little Salmo
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Rivers in Salmon River country running high
Due the the recent series of rain storms rolling through western and central Idaho, all of the rivers are running high, fast and with a considerable amount of debris.For current conditions click on USGS Water Data for Idaho.And, take care.
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Free fishing in Idaho, Saturday, June 12
Need an excuse for a family day camping? Well, consider taking advantage of Idaho's Free Fishing Day, an annual event held the second Saturday every June.Idaho Fish and Game invites all anglers, residents and nonresidents, to fish Idaho's waters without a license.For in
USA TODAY highlights RV lifestyle
There is an upbeat article by Haya El Nasser in the June 2, 2010, USA TODAY about the joys of RVing.It features retired Green Bay Packers football player Gilbert Brown who "was introduced to recreational vehicles when his Gilbert Brown Foundation, which contributes
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