Whitewater paddling the Little Salmon River


Floating the Little Salmon River, Pollock, Idaho. 6/9/10

There are only a few weeks each year when the water flows high enough on the Little Salmon River for whitewater rafting and kayaking.

Because of recent rains and snow melt, this is that time for some thrilling runs.

According to Riverfacts.com, “the Hazard Creek to Salmon River at Riggins stretch of Little Salmon River in Idaho/ Adams County is 20 miles long and has been determined by American Whitewater to be a class II-V section.” So it’s not for the beginner.

Blue kayak on Little Salmon River, Pollock, IdahoThis past week we’ve seen several groups of rafters and kayakers float past our perch at the Little Salmon Lodge where we are caretaking for the season.

The lodge sits on a spot on the river where kayakers maneuver to line themselves up for a bend to the right, then an immediate bend to the left.

For more information on kayaking these waters, click on: Riverfacts.com

BTW, there are numerous places to RV and tent camp in this section of the river, starting with Hazard Creek and ending at Riggins.

Photos: Whitewater rafting on the Little Salmon River, in Pollock, Idaho, about 8 miles south of Riggins. Taken on 6/9/10 by Julianne Crane.

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  • Our section of the Salmon, at Riggins, ID, is definitely worth the ride this time of year! I was on the river yesterday and would love to be there today. Anyone interested in rafting the Salmon River in Hells Canyon, now or later in the season, should check us out – we’ll plan a customized trip that will exceed your every exptectation, let you enjoy the river, and keep you safe – for a 1/2 day or several days at a time.


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