39+ million travelers on road Memorial Day weekend
More than 39.3 million Americans are expected to travel this Memorial Day weekend, according to the American Automobile Association. Of those traveling 50 miles or more from home during this unofficial start of summer, my wild guess--based on the huge (and growing) p
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RVer Jimmy Smith writes about a 'blow out' and his guardian angel being close at hand
When one travels Interstate 10 across the   high desert region of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, there is a good, almost certain, chance you will encounter two things: long stretches of empty country and strong cross winds. Recently, a little more than seven hours
Watch overloading your RV with too much 'stuff'
Now with camping season officially underway, safety of our recreation vehicle is a top priority. We need to be diligent about not overloading our RVs with all those toys, BBQs and camping gear. RV Safety & Education Foundation provides extensive information on 
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RV safety reminders
Fire is one of the greatest safety hazard in recreation vehicles, so it is wise to review a few holiday safety tips from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. While most of the items are common sense, they are a good reminder of simple things we can do to help kee
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Last installment of broken RV spring repair, thanks to Kenny Oliver of Mike's Automotive in Boron, CA
To recap, we broke the spring on the driver's-side wheels of our 2001 Citation after bouncing over a monster curb just west of Palm Springs; then, not knowing it was busted, drove more than 130 miles to Boron, Calif., arriving in the remote Mohave Desert community on Sa
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Thank goodness for Mike's Automotive, Boron
A quick look at the miracle repair oasis more than 90 miles from the closest Camper World--Mike's Automotive, 24045 20 Mule Team Road in Boron, Calif.  That's our cobbled up 2001 29-foot Citation 5th wheel out front. East on 20 Mule Team Road about three miles is
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Broken down in Boron
Where to begin ... The good news is that we're safe at the Arabian RV Oasis in Boron, Calif., a small (pop. 2,253) desert community north of Edwards Air Force Base along Hwy. 58. Considering what could have happened ... we are truly blessed. Trying to piece it all
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Gina Williams gives safety tips for trailering a motorcycle on Women RVers
Gina Williams' life changed when a close friend died as the result of a motorcycle accident "after driving too fast over a highway overpass." That loss lead to her finding her life's passion in 2011 when she founded MotorcycleAccident.org to promote motorcycle safety
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