Update on Quartzsite, Part 1 -- 'Tyson Wells Shows' are popular destinations for RVers
Editor's note: This series first appeared two years ago.  All information has been updated for 2016. Over the past four decades, Quartzsite, Ariz., a former gold mining town in the Mohave Desert, has evolved into the unofficial RV snowbird capital of the southwest.
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Holiday RV travel with pets, Part 2 -- 'Tips for safe, merry and peaceful trips'
A handful of tips from Amy Burkert of GoPetFriendly.com for a comfortable and merry Holiday RV trip with your pets: 1. Your pet's safety is the first priority. Start by making sure your four-legged friends are secured when traveling down the highway. "Whether you de
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Full-time RVer Lane Feicht, a.k.a. mystery author 'Lane Stark'
One should never under estimate who might be sitting next to you during any informal gathering at any RV park around the world. Chances are, if you scratch the surface, even just a little, there is an amazing story lurking ... maybe even a mystery. Take the visit
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Writing for new RV blog: 'Pavement Camping'
From time to time, I will be posting on the Pavement Camping blog. This relatively new blog is about the practice that many RVers have of staying over night in the parking lots of stores, casinos and truck stops, referred to as "Pavement Camping." "Often it's simp
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Are printed campground directories on the way out? Looks that way ... however I still use them
It was reported this past week that a high percentage of RVers (a self-selected group who responded to a recent survey on RVTravel.com) are using printed campground directories much less than they did in the past. Chuck Woodbury, editor of RVTravel.com said: "Only ab
Caverns of Sonora in west Texas is perfect RV Short Stop, plus camping
We literally stumbled onto this amazing national treasure when our first choice of campgrounds (South Llano State Park) was closed to public camping and we kept driving west on I-10 from Junction, Texas. It was after 3:30 p.m., so I grabbed our atlas and the Woodal
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RVer Jimmy Smith rethinks his whole concept of leisure
  In Jimmy Smith's latest entry in his on-going reflections about nothing in particular and his "own internal landscape" in general, he continues to reconsider his old attitudes about the value of leisure activities. "In fact I’ve been steeping myself i
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RVer Jimmy Smith reflects in morning twilight
After a few weeks picking our way through the southwest (more posts on that to follow) we find ourselves resting for a couple days on the edge of the Coachella Valley in southern California nestled against the foothills of the Little San Bernardino Mountains and Joshu
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Choke Canyon State Park in south Texas oil country
It is evident from the number of posts featuring Texas State Parks over the past few months that we have camped at quite a few of them during this winter's trip through the Lone Star State. We purchased an Annual Pass ($70) which waives Entry Fees for both of u
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Texas' Palmetto State Park is 'botanical wonderland'
We figured we stumbled into Texas' Palmetto State Park early enough in the day (around noonish) to secure an RV site (one with hookups) without having reservations. Well we were wrong. On two counts. Palmetto is a unique park and one with very few (only 18) hook-up sit
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