Winterizing your RV, part 1 — ‘Now … or before first hard freeze’


Web_xcountryfifthwheel_RVIASome parts of the country are ready experienced very cold temperatures and autumn snow. It is definitely time for RV owners to start thinking about winterizing their recreation vehicles.

If you are a new to the RVing lifestyle, this four-part series will help you protect your RV from the upcoming freezing elements. For the veteran RVer, you might use this as a review of your own process.

Terry Cooper_RVProfessor_publicityEven if you are planning winter excursions in your RV, such as skiing or ice fishing, it is best to take a few basic precautions “before the first cold snap,” said Terry Cooper (right) president of Mobile RV Academy out of Somerville, TX. “Just set aside a Saturday to go over your rig and take care of things.”

RV_AntiFreeze_JulianneGCraneArmed with information we’ll cover in the next three posts, a couple of gallons of pink nontoxic (left) RV antifreeze (never use the poisonous green automotive antifreeze), and a few handy tools — you could save thousands of dollars in repairs next spring.

Part 2 of this 4-part series will discuss how to “protect water systems from freezing temperatures.”

Julianne G. Crane

Photo credits from top:; Mobile RV Academy; and Julianne G. Crane

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