Two-lane highways = incredible high plains scenery and fragile wifi connection


We have dozens of stories to tell, but alas, since Rapid City, we have been traveling along two-lane highways through the Badlands of South Dakota and the Sandhills of Nebraska where we were frequently the only vehicle on the road for miles. Precious few people and no Verizon towers in sight.

As soon as we land somewhere with a strong Internet connection we promise to get to the stories of incredible RVers we’ve met as each stop along our journey. Right now, however, the wifi card only has a fragile blinking and 1/2 a bar.

Quickly, tonight we are camped in the western hemisphere’s largest hand-planted (in the early 1900s) Nebraska National Forest in the Bessey Ranger District in central Nebraska.

We have a level site with electricity (no water), along with hot showers and flush toilets within walking distance.  Only $11 ($5.50 with senior pass). Unique to this campground are the miles and miles of ATV trails.

Photos: Top: Badlands National Park, South Dakota. Bottom: Nebraska National Forest, Site #7, (recommended to us by a retired highway patrol guy named Phil whom we met at the local Conoco station) in the Sandhills. (Julianne G. Crane)

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