Thinking of RVing 24/7 … here are three diverse blogs


Light Curve on the Road” features incredible images and excellent copy by Oregon photojournalist / cinematographer Michael Fousie and Blue, a very clever Miniature Schnauzer. “We both travel full time, taking pictures, smelling things, shooting films, gnawing on bones and playing on the computer. We live full time in a 39 foot Newmar Dutch Star motor home, connected via satellite to TV and via Millenicom to the Internet. There’s only so much time in one’s life and we don’t have any problem doing what we enjoy while we can,” says Mike. They split their time between volunteering at Zion National Park in Utah and Portland, Ore. (Photo: Michael Fousie)

Thom and Dar Hoch‘s RV Sabbatical Journal” features frequent upbeat posts from an active 50-something Midwest couple who sold their home a couple years back, bought a motorhome and are traveling throughout North America. Thom handles most of the writing; Dar is the photographer. They refer to their adventure as a “sabbatical”, as they “fully expect to eventually settle down again and get back to some kind of work or business, hopefully in a warmer and less congested environment.” (Photo: Julianne G. Crane)

Ready To Go Fulltime RVing” — Janice and Dave Evans have lived in their RV full time for eight years and have traveled full time for the past three years. In this blog they share “all the valuable lessons we have learned while traveling this great country in our RV.”

More from Julianne G Crane

Jimmy goes to town and brings home our mail, a dozen eggs, and a bicycle tourist from New Zealand

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  • Greetings Julianne and Jimmy… I peeked at your blog tonight and… what do you know… there was a new post with a mention of our little blog. Thanks sooo much. We think of you two often and hope your settling in to your new mobile digs. Just don’t know what you’re going to do with all the space ;-))

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