Taxa’s Mantis trailer, Part 1 – Rugged portable living space

The rugged Mantis Trek's pop-up roof provides headroom at camp and folds down for aerodynamic towing and easy storage. (Taxa Outdoors)

Chances are, you will not catch sight of many Mantis campers on the open highway. Most of these rugged, lightweight, expandable trailers are owned by adventurous travelers who camp remote, down backroads and off grid.

The 19-foot Mantis travel trailer is the largest of  Taxa Outdoors‘ product line. It was launched in 2017 for active RVers who want to get into the backcountry while having a comfortable basecamp.

Taxa’s Garrett Finney

Taxa Outdoors is a small Recreation Vehicle manufacturer in Houston, Texas.  It is the brain child of Garrett Finney, a former NASA architect who helped design International Space Station’s interiors.

A little more than a decade ago Finney, an expert in multi-purpose tiny living spaces, began turning his creative mind to conceiving innovative RV designs for the next generation of buyers.

Innovative, tough portable living spaces

Taxa specializes in the creation of inventive and tough “portable living spaces” that function both on and off the grid for two to four people and their gear. In descending size, Taxa’s RVs include the Mantis, 15-foot Cricket, 12-foot TigerMoth and 10-foot Woolly Bear.

“The Mantis is incredibly well designed to maximize space and to bring the outdoors in,” said Morgan Maki, business development manager for Taxa dealer Erik’s Bike Shop, headquartered Bloomington, Minn.

The 19-foot Mantis travel trailer is the largest of  Taxa Outdoors’ product line.

Erik’s, the Midwest’s leading bike, ski and board retailer, is not a traditional RV dealer. “We are avid outdoor enthusiasts and have a deep understanding for how these camp trailers help facilitate outdoor experiences,” said Maki.

“One of key attributes of the Mantis is its versatility. You can take this camp trailer to the national parks or state recreation areas with full RV hookup.  Or, you can get yourself out to more remote areas, off the paved path, for true off-the-grid experiences.”

Part 2 of this three-part series talks about the Mantis’ innovative and functional interior.

Julianne G. Crane
Photos: Courtesy of Taxa Outdoors

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