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Roger, fulltime caravanner in UK. September 2007While roaming through Wiltshire, England, in September 2007, I came across Roger McNally–a fulltime caravanner, retired herdsman and free spirit. McNally was into his second year of touring Great Britain in his Autoquest motorhome with Fly, his faithful Border Collie.

At the time, the former Navy man was stopping over for a couple of days near Avebury Hedge (the largest stone ring in the world) and Silbury Hill earth mound during the Fall Equinox. He said he was soaking in “all the magical energy” of the region.

After taking this photo, I asked if there was an e-mail or physical address where I could send a copy of his picture, McNally simply smiled and shook his head ‘no.’ It seems he didn’t know where he would be for the near future.

One meets the most fascinating people trundling along life’s byways.

Photo: Roger McNally, a UK caravanner, somewhere in Wiltshire, England, September 2007. By Julianne Crane.

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