Small world of RVers–paths cross again after 18 months, 1,400 miles


TwoRiversBLM_JimmyDaveLarry(JulianneCrane)In early January 2010, on a strip of BLM desert across from Parker, Ariz., Jimmy took an early morning bicycle ride with his buddy, former Canadian Mountie Dave Beattie, and a boondocking friend of Dave’s, Larry Hogan.

The attached photo was snapped of the three RV cronies before they took off on their exploration tour of the surrounding public land near Big River, Calif.

That was on Jan. 5, 2010, and it was the only time Jimmy has seen Larry–that is until yesterday when we walked up to the home of a couple who had a 2001 F350 diesel one-ton truck for sale.

Jimmy and Larry had talked on the phone the previous day to make arrangements to see the truck. It was after Jimmy gave his name to Larry that Larry started thinking. “I know a lot of guys named ‘Jim’ and ‘James’ … but I haven’t met many named ‘Jimmy’.”

Yesterday, when Larry extended his hand to Jimmy, he said, “Do you recognize me?” In his other hand, he was holding my business card with Jimmy’s name and telephone on the back. I recognized Larry immediately and soon, we were putting everything together.  Talk about a small world.

We had been interested in the truck before we “re-met” Larry and his wife, Joanne; but the decision was sealed when we realized that such really good people had owned and taken care of the truck.

We hope to pick the truck up by Wednesday. We’ll take a couple of pictures and post them so that you can meet the Hogans and see our new truck.

Since we don’t need two trucks, click here to see Jimmy’s truck and ad on Craigslist.

Photo: Big River BLM near Parker, Ariz., Jimmy Smith, Dave Beattie of British Columbia and Larry Hogan of Spokane, Wash. (Julianne Crane)

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