RVers almost 1/3 of all campers


Youngs_ToyHauler_familyAbout 1 in 5 Americans regularly go camping and of those about 30-percent do so in a recreation vehicle according to “Camping and Camper” a survey conducted by Responsive Management, a resource firm specializing in natural resource and outdoor recreation issues.

And, of course, not all campers are alike.

“Wilderness campers tend to have different characteristics from RV campers and campers who utilize campgrounds,” states the report. “Wilderness campers tend to be younger and more avid outdoor recreationists than RV campers.

“Wilderness campers have a higher likelihood of also being hunters, target shooters, hikers, swimmers, rock climbers, mountain bikers, anglers, boaters, and wildlife watchers. Persons 18 to 24 years old have a higher likelihood to be wilderness campers.

“In contrast, those who are primarily RV campers tend to not camp in wilderness areas and tend not to participate in hiking, mountain biking, canoeing or kayaking. Persons over 55 years of age have a higher likelihood to be RV campers.”

To read the full report, go to “Camping and Camper”

Julianne G. Crane

Photo: A custom built accessible toy haul trailer makes camping together possible for Evan Young, left, Emily, 18; Dylan, 14; and wife, Terri. To read more about the Youngs, click here. (Photo by Patsy Halvorson)

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