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Checked out this week’s edition to RV Travel newsletter and came across several items of interest including the photo of the creative knit-covered teardrop travel trailer. To my disappointment, there was no information about how I might acquire pattern instructions.

Another item was editor Chuck Woodbury’s column on driving the always breathtaking  U.S. Highway 101 along the Oregon coast.

“The Oregon coast is one of the most beautiful places in America and easy to explore with an RV. The pavement is good, there’s not much traffic (except in peak tourist season) and there are many wonderful state park campgrounds (most with 30 amp hookups and spacious sites for large RVs),” writes Woodbury.

Another feature I am always fascinated with is “The RV Shrink” who gives relationship advice to RVers who write in.

This week’s question begins: “My wife is a closet pessimist. She seems positive most of the time, but she has this irritating habit of calling tiny incidents ‘Murphy’s Law. It’s harmless but it drives me nuts.”

Read more about each of these items and dozens of others by clicking here.

Images: RVTravel.com

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