RV Travel.com’s Chuck Woodbury reports on RVing in Germany


“RVing is big, even now in late September,” writes RVTravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury in this week’s newsletter.

Most motorhomes and travel trailers (caravans) are in the 20-26 foot range and do not have slideouts. “Perhaps,” adds Woodbury, “a quarter of them (caravans) are ultra lightweight, less than 16 feet, and pulled by four cylinder cars.”

“Campgrounds here are much less interesting, I think, than in the USA or Canada,” he reports.  “Most are cramped and on open grass fields. Even in the Bavarian Alps I saw nothing like our scenic campgrounds in our state parks or national forests–where sites are spacious, and often separated by trees or bushes to offer some privacy.”

Read the full Sept. 26 edition here.

Photo: RV park along the Rhine River in Koblenz. Chuck Woodbury/ RVTravel.com.

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