RV beach driving, bad idea at high tide


If you decide to drive on the beach at high tide, remember not to stop to enjoy the view. One RVer learned the hard way trying to cruise along Daytona Beach.

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  • Oh, my. Did he ever get out? We saw lots of people getting seriously stuck in the sand at Boca Raton one evening, and there were several opportunistic guys with heavy duty pickups getting $5 each for towing cars out.

  • Actually, it’s LOW tide that you need to worry about. Driving at high tide, he shouldn’t get the tires wet….unless he wanted to, or he thought he could just splash along like the other (much lighter) cars. I’ve been stuck on the beach at low tide in a P/U, and yes, the tide came in…..it WAS a nice truck, and I feel for these people!! I bet they could practically buy a new RV for what they spent for the tow trucks!

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