Micro motorhome sure to be a hit in United Kingdom


Easier.com reports on the latest in innovated designs from Romahome, Ltd.

“The ultimate in miniaturised motorhomes is coming from Romahome, masters of the genre who are sometimes copied but never bettered,” states a company news release. The manufacturer of compact coach-built motorhomes is based on the Isle of Wight.

Romahome launched its new R10 Citioen Nemo at the International Caravan and Motorhome 2008. It “brings fresh and innovative thinking for those who love their motorhome to be compact rather than colossal.””

The R10 Solo is only 12 feet-7 inches in length and 6 feet-3 inches high — meaning that it will “fit into many garages and multi-storey car parks.” Yet, the elevating roof gives an internal height of 6 feet-6 inches.

Read more in “Big thinking brings the ultimate small motorhome.

Photo: Romahome R10 Citioen Nemo exterior and inside. Source: Romahome Ltd.

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