In Ohio, still balmy, state campgrounds busy


Yesterday, after 12 days of two-lane highways and endless farm roads, we gave in and jumped onto the interstate near Lansing.

And, picturesque as the Midwest countryside is, America’s numerous rutted backroads began to take their toll.

This patch of the USA is having extremely balmy weather and people are flocking to state campgrounds.

Last night we found Grand Lake St. Marys State Park in western Ohio. According its Website: “… campsite fees and shelter house rentals at Grand Lake St. Marys State Park will be discounted by 50% through 12/31/2010 …  We paid only $12, which included electricity, hot showers, laundry ($1 wash/ $1 dry), water access, pets allowed.***

*** UPDATE — 10/10/10 GRAND LAKE ST. MARYS CAMPERS BEWARE — Yikes. Just read in today’s ‘The Columbus Dispatch’ front page article, “Manure, pesticides taint Ohio waterways” that a considerable amount of ‘1.6 millions tons of manure’ waste  … “is washed by rain into area (Ohio) streams, many of which feed Grand Lake St. Marys, the largest inland lake in Ohio.”

“The result has been catastrophic. The 13,000-acre lake in western Ohio is on life-support, choked with toxic blue-green algae that are so poisonous that state officials warned visitors this summer not to swim, fish or boat in the water.

No wonder the place was on sale for half-price.

Photo: Cabins in background are on the lake at Grand Lake St Marys, Ohio State Park. 10/9/2010. By Julianne Crane

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  • June:
    Thank you for your informative comments about your Lances. Jimmy keeps circling the idea of a camper with slides and the need that would entail for a diesel one-ton dually. We see that as our next move. Maybe we could share a few e-mails over your experiences.

  • I am so glad I discovered your website. We too have a Lance camper. This is our second one. We traded in a “lite” for the new 992 which has 2 slides! The room inside is awsome. Of course, we had to trade in our F250 for an F350 dually to carry it! We have made several trips in the last month to state parks in Georgia and have found that we need to arrive at least on a Thursday to get a spot for a weekend. Unfortunately, even with our “senior discount” we’re still paying $23 a night for electricity and water. Our Lance is totally self-contained with generator and insulated for temps below freezing so we are anticipating doing some winter camping. You keep writing and I’ll keep reading! Thanks a bunch June

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