Final day with Habitat RVers, heading north



Today, Sunday, Dec. 19, we leave our southern most point on this winter’s journey and start heading the slow way west and north back home to Spokane, Wash.

We are at the half way point circumnavigating the continental United States in our truck and camper. We have covered 6,325 miles and plan to do that again before we pull into the “Lilac City” next spring.

Saying goodbye to our new RVer/Habitat friends–Nancy and Victor VanderDoes and Anne Larson–this morning wasn’t sad because we know that there is a strong possibility that somewhere along the line our paths will cross again either in Arizona or on another Habitat for Humanity RV Care-a-Vanner build.

Photo: Waving goodbye are Victor VanderDoes (l), Anne Larson and Nancy VanderDoes a the Cloverleaf 4H Camp on Lake Placid, Fl. (JulianneCrane)

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  • Margaret:
    Thank you for writing.
    Victor and Nancy were tireless volunteers, putting in extra long hours on the tile laying crew. I plan to write more about them soon. They are “good citizens.”

  • Good Morning,

    I clicked on your newletter letter from Chuck Woodberry’s newsletter and read your habitat news and was so exicted to see you mention Nancy and Victor Vanderdos.

    Heppner is were I live and Nancy and Victor lived here. I met Nancy at the library and walking our morning walks.

    Montana is my home and I often drive tru Spokane.

    What a wonderful trip for you.

    Best wishes

    Margaret Flaherty

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