Alaska: Ultimate RV Road Trip, part 2 — Stay flexible and take your time


+JaimieGeorgeBruzenak_Denali“After touring Alaska for as long as you want,” suggests travel photographer John Holod, “drive your rig onto the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System in Haines and take at least a week or two for the Inside Passage journey south.”

“To me the coastline is way more spectacular than the highway. It’s a great trip and you can visit all the little towns along the way.” Each port has a campground or two.

“Haines and Skagway are full of history of the Gold Rush and Alaska natives,” says Alison Perea, retired RVer and longtime resident of Gridwood, Alaska. “Both are quaint little towns with lots of personality.”

Holod of RV Adventure Videos recommends leaving the ferry at Price Rupert, British Columbia, instead of sailing south to Bremerton, Wash. “You’ll save half the cost of the ticket.”

RV lifestyle author Jaimie Hall Bruzenak of Retire to an RV and her husband, George, took their motorhome on a five-month trip from Arizona to the North Country. Their advice is to stay flexible and take your time.

“Plan an itinerary,” says Bruzenak, “but be open to change as circumstance present other opportunities.”

The Bruzenaks started out with an overall route in mind, but were not locked into how long they stayed in any one place. “It’s a lot of driving, so it’s nice to travel for a day or two then spend a couple of days somewhere, relaxing and exploring.”

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— Julianne G. Crane

Photo: Longtime RVers Jaimie and George Bruzenak of Arizona say  Mt. McKinley and the Denali National Park are on their Alaska “must-see” list.  (Courtesy of Retire to an RV)

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