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This week’s RVtravel.com free online newsletter, once again, is full of timely and relevant RV-related information.

One item that caught my eye by Russ and Tina De Maris features helpful information on RVing at high altitude‘ — including: “Water heaters seem to be the appliance that has some of the greatest trouble in the high county. They sometimes balk when attempting to light, but here’s a trick that can help: Open the outside door, allowing more of air to get inside to the burner. That often is enough to stop problems in itself.”

On a personal note: When we traveled through western Colorado last year, we were boondocking and rarely encountered problems with our RV propane appliances.  

The biggest problem on that trip was my personal reaction to an extended stay at between 8,000-9,500 feet–my symptoms included headaches, difficulty in breathing and swollen feet.  In spite of drinking copious amounts of water and popping aspirin, my symptoms continued and we decided to cut our “Rocky Mountain High” trip short. As we returned to below 6,000 feet my condition eased considerably and my toes no longer looked like little sausages.

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Photo: Taken at sunset of the Rockies overlooking West Mancos Canyon on the Big Al Trail, at Transfer Campground, 11 miles northeast of Mancos, Colo., on Forest Road 561. Elevation: 8,500 feet.  Read more about our stay at Transfer Campground by clicking here. (Julianne G. Crane)

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