'Mobile ski condo: Ins and outs of RV skiing'
Recently a fun, up-beat article about using a vintage Kit Kamper truck camper as a "mobile ski condo" appeared in The Inlander, a weekly newspaper out of Spokane, Wash. RVing skier Nick Pontarolo wrote a humerous essay, 'Parking-Lot Life: The ins and outs of RV skii
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Winter RVing, part 4 -- A handful of cold weather RVing suggestions
This is the final post of a four-part series on Winter RVing.  Here are a few cold weather RVing suggestions: 1. If you have winterized your RV, space heaters or propane powered catalytic heaters, such as Mr. Heater or Camco’s Olympian, are excellent choices as ba
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Winter RVing, part 3 --  Chris Dougherty loves having
“I love the fun of having a portable winter cabin all ready to go,” said Chris Dougherty, owner RV Medics LLC of New England in Springfield, Mass. “It’s amazing how cozy a warm, comfortable little RV home can be with snow and cold outside.” An RVer most of
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Winter RVing, part 2 -- Rich and Joanne Bain don't limit camping to the warm seasons
Rich and Joanne Bain of Colbert, Wash., are outdoor enthusiasts who fell in love with the freedom and flexibility of truck camping in 2000. “It gives us the capability of getting into places we enjoy exploring, anytime of the year,” said Rich Bain of TheTCLife.co
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Winter RVing, part 1 --
For most, cold weather means winterizing your Recreation Vehicle and tucking it away until the spring thaw. There is, however, a hardy bunch of outdoor enthusiasts who pull on their boots, warm up their portable cabin-on-wheels, and head to their favorite ski slope, sno
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