RV spring maintenance, part 3 -- 'Check exterior, tires, vehicle engine and generator'
In this third installment of a four-part series on sprucing up your recreation vehicle for the family camping season, it's time to check your rig's exterior. - RV Exterior and Seams: "Inspect all roof and body seams, and around any openings cut into the RV, for signs
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RV spring maintenance, part 2 -- 'Sanitize your rig's water system'
After checking your RV's batteries, says Mark Polk of RVEducation101.com, the next step in moving your RV from hibernation into camping mode is to flush the water system of antifreeze. RV Water System: If your plumbing system was winterized with non-toxic RV antifree
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RV spring maintenance, part 1 -- Mark Polk offers tips
With spring here and summer almost upon us, if you haven't done it already, now is the time to wake up your recreation vehicle for a fun-filled family camping season. In this 4-part series, longtime RV expert and master maintenance guy, Mark J. Polk of RVEducation1
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39+ million travelers on road Memorial Day weekend
More than 39.3 million Americans are expected to travel this Memorial Day weekend, according to the American Automobile Association. Of those traveling 50 miles or more from home during this unofficial start of summer, my wild guess--based on the huge (and growing) p
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2017 'Milepost' - Alaska Travel Planner's 69th edition
It's just about time for the first wave of RVers to head North to Alaska.  If you are just in the planning stages of this lifetime adventure RV road trip, you'll want to pick up a copy of "The 2017 Milepost," the 'Bible of North Country Travel.' This more than 700-p
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FMCA rolls into Indianapolis in July
Between July 12-15, 2017, the Family Motor Coach Association's 96rd International Convention, "Crossroads to Fun,” is set for the Indiana State Fairgrounds  in Indianapolis, Indiana. The discount deadline has been extended to 5/26/2017. A  couple thousand fami
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The weekly RV Travel newsletter is free for the clicking
Time to pour a cup of coffee, relax a little and read this week’s e-edition of the free RV Travel Newsletter. If you scroll wa-a-a-y down the page you'll spot a link to a RV Short Stop post on the Chantilly Farm family campground and music venue in Blue Ridge Mount
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Listen to Julianne G. Crane's interview on the RV podcast series -- 'Your RV Dream'
Julianne G. Crane, fulltime RVer, blogger and editor of RVWheelLife.com, talks about the many ways to live the RV lifestyle on the podcast series called “Your RV Dream: Discover the Lifestyle, Make Money While You Travel, and Live a Life of Freedom and Adventure”.
Bluegrass fans, RVers head for Blue Ridge Mountains
Whether it is the hills calling me home, pink dogwoods in bloom, or the hypnotic blinking of fireflies--I'll be forever drawn to the Appalachian Mountains, the land of my birth. Whenever traveling to the region, we always make our way to the homestead of cousins Mary
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Melissa Dafnis - 'RV Dreamin'
Fulltime RVer Melissa Dafnis of Maryland has been living her RV dream for three years. Since her mid-30s Melissa wanted nothing more than to live and travel in an RV. "I wanted the lifestyle of freedom and adventure that full-time RVing involves," says the former
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