Winterizing your RV, part 4 — ‘Check for leaks; clean inside of aerosols, food'
This is the final post of a four-part series on 'Winterizing your RV.' Another major concern of storing an RV for months is the rig’s exterior, its roof and sidewalls. After thoroughly cleaning the rig, inspect all sealants for signs of damage or cracking where wat
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Winterizing your RV, part 3 — ‘Check batteries, remove or plug into shore power'
This is the third of a four-part series on 'Winterizing your RV.' “You’ll be amazed at how simple it really is to take care of your own rig,” said Mark J. Polk, host of “Winterizing and Storing your RV” (DVD $24.95, and e-download $19.95) available through
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Winterizing your RV, part 2 — ‘Protect water systems from freezing temperatures'
This is the second of a four-part series on 'Winterizing your RV.' The number one concern during cold weather is the damage that freezing temperatures can inflict on an RV’s water system including its supply lines, holding tanks and hot water heater, said John Mela
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Winterizing your RV, part 1 — ‘Now ... or before first hard freeze'
Some parts of the country are ready experienced very cold temperatures and autumn snow. It is definitely time for RV owners to start thinking about winterizing their recreation vehicles. If you are a new to the RVing lifestyle, this four-part series will help you pro
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Thank you Veterans ... Enjoy your weekend, you deserve it ... and much, much more
One day isn't enough to thank all our veterans, (including James "Jimmy" Wesley Smith, U.S. Coast Guard and Army), for serving our country and us. And, of course, we extend a huge appreciation to all the loved ones who support our veterans and active-duty military wo
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RV Snowbirds go for sunsets, free activities in Tucson
In addition to the magnificent sunsets and abundant natural beauty surrounding Tucson, Arizona, there are numerous free and low-cost activities that entice tens of thousands of RV Snowbirds to return each winter To read about free events including farmers markets,
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Gilbert Ray Campground, outstanding county RV destination west of Tucson, great views
Gilbert Ray Campground is one of those gems that you might never experience unless someone tells you about it. That's how we landed for a couple of days at this outstanding Pima County Campground located on the west side of the Tucson Mountains, a convenient 13 m
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AirScream ... Classic scary campfire stories
Halloween camping is the perfect time for telling a few spooky campfire stories.  Airstream has come out with five "Do Not Read Alone!" scary tales. "Ghoulishly woven webs of terror that make your hair stand on end and your blood run cold belong, like a hairy, f
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RVing gal pals visiting over 'Afternoon Cream Tea' on a rainy day in Florence, Oregon
What could be more perfect than lunch on the Oregon Coast with a longtime woman friend you met years ago while RVing along the Gulf Coast of Texas? Only one thing--lunch with TWO women friends you met while snowbirding in Texas. The fact that we were able to linge
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Kitchikan - history, shopping, salmon within easy reach of Alaska Ferry dock
Ketchikan, the southeastern most city in Alaska, offers history, shopping, kayaking all within easy reach of Alaska Ferry dock. This historic city sits at the entrance to the famed Alaska Inside Passage and has long been a popular destination with RVers because i