‘Growing Young’ RVing Women

The other day full-time RVer Malia Lane’s posted an item on her Blog about a YouTube video featuring a group RVing Women as they caravanned along the Oregon Coast.

This video was made in 2011 as a PBS pilot for a series called ‘Growing Young’  about aging successfully.

The featured woman RVer in the 7:33-minute video is retired psychologist Shirley Walker who loves finding out what’s over the next hill and says she feels free to travel at 73.

“We need to be independent as long as we possibly can,” said Walker who travels in a gently aging motor home. “It gives you stature, self reliance, strength, self confidences, all kinds of positive things. On each trip I learn more about my self. It builds a lot of self esteem. It’s been wonderful for me.”


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